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Meguiar's Portrait of an Icon - The Popping 90s (Limited)

Meguiar's Portrait of an Icon - The Popping 90s (Limited)


In 2021, the Meguiar's collaboration was called "Portrait of an Icon" and a handful of artists came together to create five decades of automotive art. What a fun way to challenge the heart and mind and I am so thankful for the collaboration yet again. 

The 90s were mainly centered around Honda for me growing up. So in order to honor that decade, I got some of the nicest built Mugen Rides out to Genesys Automotive in Pasadena. It was focused on the Gold Class line and so I used the a very warm tungsten tone to set things off. So blessed to see many of the Honda boys stepping up for this project. It was so near and dear to me and I hope you guys really enjoy this special piece. 

As always, posters will be printed on ultra-high Canon Matte paper 230gsm and Genuine Canon USA ink on the Pro imagegrapf 2100 printer. One of the best in the game. The details are absolutely nuts!

Each will be hand-numbered and printed with special graphite pencils. Does not include frame, just print itself.

Profits will go to charity of my choosing. This is an annual charity to Compassion which donates to children in underdeveloped countries. I have already sponsored 3 kids and would love to do more.