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Lazer Beemer - OEM2OMG

Lazer Beemer - OEM2OMG


Description of the shoot: A slightly cool breeze brushes against your face. One eye twitching from holding it closed too long. As you breathe you can smell and feel the cold cement beneath you. Finger half pressed *BEEPP BEEEPBE-EEE-EPP!* click... This is what came out the other end. =)

Poster is printed on giclee 230gsm matte paper by Canon and Canon genuine ink on the Pro 2100 printer. Quality is of the highest importance.

Each poster will be signed by Josh and numbered and shipped out before Mon June 21st. All sales will end by June 16th.

*image details show more contrast and saturation than actual final print due to the nature of capturing images with a camera.