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Cooled Collective Old English Crewneck

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Pre Sale going on until April 25th and will start shipping out just after that. Please be patient as we are producing these in house. Thank you for your support and patience. Pre sales will be offered at a discount and will go up to $80+ after April 22nd 

The 2022 Cooled Collective Old English crewneck sweater took some time to make. Wanting a text based hoodie is something that I have been wanting for some time but due to not being a seasoned graphic designer, things just took the time it took. I have gotten quite a bit of response from this hoodie, so thank you so much. 

The sweaters are made from beautiful ascolour brand and we know you will love it as much as we do. Not your average run of the mill sweater. 

The crewneck is offered in a 80Cotton/20polyester pre shrunk

***4XL pre orders - please note that this size will be another brand as ASC did not have 4xl sizes. Will be Gildan most likely

As always, much love for supporting. BTW, there is a matching T-Shirt as well.