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#033 Signature Series Limited Poster - "Lemon Drops"

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During the trip out to Miami DRT back in 2020, came across these 3 golden gems looking as pretty as you can image a set of rare Lemon aircooled cars to look. Amazing display of rarity, class and quality. 

This print will be limited to:
12x18 x47
18x24 x32
24x36 x21

All of the prints will be printed on the highest quality Giclee archival ink and paper Made by Canon Professional level inks and papers. It is an enhanced matte print, guaranteed to be loved. 

Poster will be printed at 18x24" and each will be hand-numbered and printed with special graphite pencils. Does not include frame, just print itself.

Due to high international shipping prices, it is best to try and combine orders with a friend. Shipping to Europe will be $15+. I am so sorry it is so high but it is out of my hands.