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Bespoke Spec Posters

So are you looking to get a Spec Poster of your custom ride on a high quality poster? Look no further, Cooled Collective wants to help you hang up a dope poster of your ride on your wall. However in order to make this work, there are a few things you need to send me in order for this to work.

1. I will need a side shot of your car preferably with a camera that has at least 20mp. We can do under 20mp but resolution will be more compromised. 

a. Please shoot on a tripod. Straight on mid level of the door
b. Use a longer lens. Recommend 50-70mm lens
c. Use f/5.6 - 8.0 aperture 
d. Use ISO 100
e. Shutter speed can vary but try to keep above 1/100th
f. Try not to make sure there aren't many reflections. Use polarizer to help
g. Shoot RAW
h. Photos that require heavy photoshop cleaning such as lots of car reflections will be billed at $125 an hour. 

2. Let me know what 6 spec items you want listed. i.e. Aircooled, 247hp, 3.6 liters, Rubystone, BBS e88, etc.

3. Under the car, there is a paragraph long description, if you want something custom there, write out a paragraph and email it to me with your photo.

4. Since I will have to Photoshop the car, turn around time will be 7 days or less. I will always try to knock them out faster but depending on what shoots I have and how many are in queue. 

5. Price is $100 for a 18x24 or  $120 for 24x36. If you are an expert at the pen tool and you can cut out your car perfectly, I will reduce price by 25%. You can also order a second copy for $30.

6. Add files to Dropbox or WeTransfer and email it to me at

7. I will send invoice once everything is approved and print is done.