Das Renn Treffen 2019 has come and gone and what a time it was in Miami! I was fortunate enough to get an invite out to Miami by Al and Jaime from DRT to check out the how they do things in Florida! What I found out was that they have a huge love for not only Porsches but a zest for living life and enjoying it with others.

The biggest event in all of Florida took place in an area called Coral Gables… which is a beautiful town filled with some flashy characters and why not right? It is Miami after all!

There is so much to talk about but you guys can see all of it go down in the Youtube Vlog and the description on the link to DRT 2019. Below you guys will find the images I took and with the help of my buddy Phil Handsome and Philthy, we were able to share the days event with you guys with imagery.

Please enjoy and share.

Author Drew Manley

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