One of the many things that I love about the Porsche community is this vast history. Some of them gets you thinking… like how in the world did that come about. Such as the case with this collab with Period Correct and Rod Emory’s connection to Parts Obsolete.So the story goes…. Rod Emory’s dad started his shop Parts Obsolete at this very shop that Period Correct stands today.  Yup you heard that right. The Porsche connection carries on after all these decades and then to throw a meet in that honor was legendary. Today I rolled out with the wifey in the newly acquired 1989 Porsche Carrera 4 in Grand Prix white. A car that I have been long searching for is now mine, thanks to Mark Tingey who sold it to me a month ago.

The event filled with so many  familiar faces and many new faces as well. I did my best to include as many of them into the vlog without it being 30 mins long. I hope to hone my skills in the future to be more entertaining and bring you guys cool inside stories of the cars and owners behind them.  As you can imagine, many older 356’s showed up along with long hood 911s to give that feeling of a throwback. It was a different crowd than what usually happens on the first Saturday of every month at Pit Stop but it was just as cool as they normally are. Below is a 356 that Rod Emory has been refreshing for the boys at Bring a Trailer, when they bought it some time ago.  Got to show some love to my boy Aaron Espino in his 2018 Porsche 964 in Nardo Grey sitting on some gold E88s. As always, he’s proudly sporting the 911cooled decals. What made this day so special was to see an icon like Jeff Zwart give Aaron the big thumbs up on his build. Jeff was particularly impressed with all of the details that Aaron meticulously spent time to upgrade on his car.  

Inside Period Correct were some cool one off merchandise to celebrate the special event and of course, so many cool vintage 356’s by Rod Emory.Love seeing outlaws because each one is so very different. Outlaws are outlaws for a reason. They follow their soul and do what they feel is right. Many times custom cars get lost in their build theme as their owners are a bit too eclectic but when you see one done right, the inner feels surfaces. It brings emotions and and stirs feelings in people who never even loved cars. One of those prime examples is that of @slang500’s 356 speedster.    Great seeing Matt Crooke again. Does he look super tall in that photo? or is it cause I am a short Asian guy that makes him look super tall? hmmmm…. and it doesn’t help that as I just met Ryan below, he happens to be a tall ass 20 year Korean kid. FML, I should have eaten more veggies as a kid.  I know I cut this segment short but with Luft in 3 days, I will have to come back next week to add to this blog. I had to get it up before Luft otherwise I would never have finished it.

I can’t wait to meet a lot of you this weekend… it will be wild, it will be fast and it will be glorious and I am so glad we can all enjoy it together.

See you boys and girls soon

Thank you to my lovely wife Methuselah @911_lovegrey for taking these photos for me while I vlogged and spent time socializing with all of you.

Check out the website for merchandise. Thank you for your support!


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