In the short term I have been doing 911cooled, I have been so fortunate enough to meet some amazing people that also happen to be extreme car fanatics. Back in October of 2017, my wife, son and I traveled to NYC to visit an old intern staying in Manhattan. While I was out there, I reached out to my Instagram following to connect me with fellow 911 owners. First up to bat was my buddy Rob (@the964page) who connected me with Jon from Hudson Stables. Jon is associated with the Manhattan Car Club, which is a very lovely collection of cars rented to their members. Jon now spends his time managing Hudson Stables which is a storage unit for high end car and helping his members out with sourcing their next car. As many of you know, looking for the right car takes a tremendous amount of effort. Jon reached out to me last week and asked if I could help him out with looking at a car 30 mins out from me. Check out a 911? Hell yes I am down to help and when I found out it was for Terence (@sortedproper) I was even more thrilled. Terence bought his first 911, which was a 993 C4s not too long ago and I guess the bug bit him hard, cause here he is already shopping for his next ride. So earlier this week, the seller of the 1981 Carrera SC drove to my house for me to check out. Now I have been down this road many times before but you hunt for a car for weeks, months, even years… and then you find a listing. You check out all the photos and its everything you have ever wanted! Take my money! But in my experience, do not get too excited until you check out the car in person because older cars always have older car problems. You just have to figure out how much of that you want to actually tackle. Now my only SC driving experience came from driving Sid’s 1982 SC at last month’s breakfast gathering at El Monte Airport. His car is well sorted and maintained by Benton Performance in Anaheim, CA. My first hand experience driving around the 1981 SC was a bit jarring as the car had many things that made it nerve wracking for me. Primarily the gears not going into place well and the constant grinding. In addition, it would sputter going up hill and smoke… many red flags at hand but the boys in NYC were looking into getting a project. Terence wanted to start a project to get to know the 911 on a deeper level since he just got into them. Perhaps this was a good platform. As of recent, I got my first sponsorship with Fender Splendor Paint Meters who offer a very highly rated paint meter. I have always wanted one with the amount of cars I buy and considering paint is the very first thing I look at, I have been so stoked to work with a company like FSPM. So if you guys are looking for one, please give them a consideration. (Sponsored Link)    During the inspection process, I called up one of the most knowledgeable guys I know in the game… Jack Schroeder (@lefthandignition) to give me some pointers to look out for. All I could do was collect information and then hand it off to Jon and Terence for them to make a decision on. One of the things I did not like however was the pressure the seller started to put on me after 20 mins. “Hey look, I am just dropping this car off for Terence. We have already made the deal and I just letting you check out the car as a courtesy but my wife and I have an appointment for an ultrasound. I just want to get the money cause I have to go”. Well next time, do not set an appoint so close to a time when someone is making an important decision about making a pricey purchase but hey, thats just me. Long story short, the deal ended up closing and the transport was on its way by the end of the week.Since the car was in my possession for a few days, I figured Terence would like some nice photos of the newly acquired possession so I drove it around and shot it in a few different spots. The gold fuchs are probably the best thing on this car and surprisingly enough, they were in very good condition. The SC photographs very well and gets a lot of attention and I got a few door knocks from car buying gypsies that low ball for flipping purposes. Sorry, not this one boys. So the day has finally come…. the SC is getting picked up and on its way to NYC to its new home. The days and nights will be long with this one but I cannot wait for the day that you are all done up and drive you again up in the mountains of the North East. It will be glorious and an epic moment for all of us.  Farewell buddy, see you soon.

Drew Manley
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