The morning was filled with so much excitement as I got ready to go and pick up a 964 in Long Beach. As word started to spread within my circle, I got a lot of eager friends wanting to join the historic day for me to pick up my 3rd 964.

The night before, I ran around getting ready for today. Some friends were gracious enough to loan me some money to close on this car instead of waiting on the banks in the morning.

When you have a tight group of car buddies, many times their energy pushes you more than your own willingness and desire to want to. In the morning, the guys who could join me, came along for the ride while the rest of my buddies were getting filled in by text messages from Rex.

After weeks and weeks of searching, it all boiled down to this one C4. When we got there, my only job was to see where the source of a slow oil leak was coming from. The owner was kind enough to put it on a lift for us to inspect. The car had an engine and tranny rebuild from the ground up by a very well known shop in Huntington Beach just 4 years and 1500 miles ago.

Under the car, we found the source of the oil leak at the lower valve covers but we also discovered some other issues that ended up killing the deal.

Replacement fender/door/hood, misaligned rocker held on by a wire, bondo work on the driver door and corrosion on the frunk by a bad battery, most likely.

Some other concerns were paint chips on the rain gutters, average paint condition, wear on the Cup wheels, leaking steering rack, random rag found in a cooling duct, loose taillight and 10 year old tires.

The interior was clean, the sports seats were very comfortable, the clutch felt new and springy, the gearbox felt fresh and mechanically it felt great, but cosmetically the car was a disaster for my standard.

As much as desired to bring the C4 home today, I had to pass and get back to the drawing board.

So back to the hunt it is…

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Much love

Gear used in the making of this video:
Canon G7x Mark II:
Joby Gorillapod:
64gb SD Card:

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