Hello hello 911coolers!

This past weekend was a great day to get together with the gang and cruise up to ACH and cruise. At the original meet up spot in La Canada Flintridge, I believe there was close to 40 cars.

After the driver’s meeting, we headed North on the 210 and headed towards the backside…. I have never been this route before so it was fun discovering new land to cruise on. Since I was solo today in the GT3, I didnt have any opportunity to photograph during the drive so straight into the meet up spot.

TheĀ G Series club has been growing steadily along with the e36 club….. Here is a photo to show the growing community of them.

If you havent noticed already, I love Eric William’s Golden Ticket… the metallic gold just shines so brilliantly…. I will just let the photos do the talking.

I should have set up the group photo before people started to leave but I was busy filming so I am sorry for those that left prior to it.

After the group photo, a majority of the drivers left to go home but a small handful of us went to Wild Oak for brunch.
After that, we all went out own separate ways. It was a blast hanging out…. I went to Teddy’s after to swap out my kids. Thanks Uncle Teddy for always taking care of the kids.

If you guys haven’t already, check out the new forum:

Thanks everyone!

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