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Thanks for joining me on another 911 post and this time is Jason Mendieta’s 1989 Carrera 4. This is a redemption shoot for me because when I shot him over the summer, it was my very first time picking up a camera for video work. I quickly got snubbed because the Canon 1dx Mark II shot 4k video on some shitty codec that allowed me to record only 9 mins on a 64gb card…. smh Canon.

This time we are back at Lower Grand… Jason’s home away from home… as many of you know, Jason is here probably 3 times a week. For good reason, it is such a great space to hang and the way exhaust sounds reverberate under the Upper Grand is just awesome. Plus look at the great texture and architecture down below. Hard to beat.

Jason has been sporting some BBS E26s for a good minute and for good reason. Mesh look great on the 964s… and the great thing is… his beautiful Linen Grey blends so beautifully in with the concrete tones. It is able to absorb the warm and cool tones so well… dont you think?

After lower Grand, we cruised down to Little Tokyo to grab some other LA feels… and one of those well known spots is Rif.LA… where all you sneakerheads can come to grab all of those retro throwbacks for those big bucks.

We finished up the night with some passages thru the tunnel cause you know… Porsches and tunnels are such a great pairing and mix in graphic art from local artists, what a win.

Too bad I didn’t get the random homeless guys trying to slang flowers and other random things at 3am. That was interesting. Oh good times… lol.

Like always, check out the rest of the site for cool 911c merchandise and wallpapers for your phone.
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