What a glorious morning it was yesterday as we embarked on a journey to visit the boys at Sleepers Speed Shop and Period Correct for the first of the year. Both the locations did not disappoint as it was filled with old faces, new faces, and some new memories to start off the new year right!

As always we pre-meet so that we can gather the Inland Empire group before meeting up with the OC group. The gas station was a nice backdrop with those blue and purple hues in the sky.

When we got to Sleepers, we were greeted by Len who rolled the garage up for us and then we were greeted by all great things Porsche inside their lovely shop. A lot of magic happens here and we are so glad that many of our Coolfuchs brings their cars here for the ultimate care. Service has and always be a top priority when it comes to the level of work performed here. At the ledge of the garage gate is NardoGrey to greet us with that sexiness… and when the hatch was opened, it was a lot of ooohhhhsss and aaaahhhssss…. someone may have even gasped. Beautiful isn’t it?Teddy aka @formula9xx sporting the 911cooled 964 T-Shirt in black and white while talking business on the line. A beautiful office with so many great views of 911s. MBN.
Teddy getting hooked up with a new Sleepers vinyl…. looks so good!
After our meet up, we all headed out to Period Correct. I do apologize as I did not get many photos there as I spent more time grabbing video content and talking with old and new faces but all of that is covered in the video so go check it out!Congrats to Aaron on his continued restoration of his Nardo and we can’t wait to see what is coming next!

Also a very big shoutout to my boy Jason Mendieta IG @j_mendieta for helping me shoot photo and video… I couldn’t have done it without you my brotha. <3

Make sure to check out the website for cool 911cooled stuff.

Check you out next time!


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