Always an adventure getting together with any of the 911 boys but its an even better treat when you meet a new 911 owner out of nowhere and they end up being just as passionate as you are.

Today started off with Jason and I meeting at Flo’s in Chino. Since most of the others could not make it today, it was a nice way to just catch up with him one on one.

But it wasn’t until we walked out of Flo’s is when we spotted a black on black 964 C2 parked right by us. Ed who owns a BMW maintenance in Covina came out from the restaurant to find two enthusiast owners waiting to meet him.

After talking for an hour, I wanted to see if we could catch a few photos so we drove around to the main gate where I eventually found an owner of a hangar who would let us in.

After Larry graciously let us in, I snapped the photo above. We had two guys on a golf cart who told us that plane is old and worthless and to go up the airport and shoot with some of the fighter planes. I love being at airports cause everyone is just happy there and then add cool planes and cars, it was an awesome morning.

This one was sweet and short, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

Make sure to download a wallpaper by clicking on the Wallpaper link above!

Til the next,

Author Drew Manley

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