Hello 911coolers and welcome to another blog post!
Today we are out in Chino Hills, CA shooting some Porsche 911 wide bodies. We all love that big booty, don’t we? We I know I do…First up is my good friend Wendy with her 2015 Porsche Carrera 4s (991.1) in beautiful Sapphire Blue Metallic. Her favorite things about this chassis are and I quote “The big wide ass” and manual gearbox…. like how all things should come out of the box right?Our good buddy Dan @anino1122 got about 1300 likes on 911cooled’s instagram feed so let’s hope these two can get up there as well…Next up is my very own 1997 Porsche Carrera S (993) in Glacier White sitting on some Ruf 18″ wheels and recently lowered on Bilstein PSS10 that were installed not too long ago. My favorite thing about the 993S is the wide rear backside. 993 from the back is hard to top.I am working on a photobook and hopefully by 2nd quarter 2018, I will have one that I can sell for a reasonable price for all of your coffee tables. The photos should incorporate Porsche 911 lifestyle feel and some contemporary feels.We have to get some action shots of the girls running wild in the parking garage… I mean 911s were meant for driving right? We were going about 20 mph and a shutter speed of 1/15th to get that nice motion blur. I wanted some of that contrast for the Sapphire blue so I left the warm ambient tones in.I bought my 993 back in February of 2017 and always felt disconnected to it because I haven’t put any work into it until recently. After the drop, I have started to get the feels for it and now with the brake job coming up…. it should really dial it in… plus the Rothsport SSK, I am stoked!

I hope you guys enjoyed this segment.
I will see you guys on the next one!


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