Hello 911 Fam!Superill has completed its second annual parking garage meet at the ROW parking structure right in the produce wholesale district of Los Angeles. It was basically a real life Tokyo Drift episode minus all of the fun drama that goes along with that movie.We were just able to make it into the building as they shut the gates 10 mins after we got in. There were hundreds of cars that were just at the gate just to wait it out or wander the industrial area for parking and then walk into the parking structure. For those that made it in, the structure was bumper to bumper traffic and trying to make it up a spiral ramp was the demise of a lot people’s clutches burning up. Burnt clutches, smoking rubber and exhaust fumes filled the arena heavily.¬†NSX’s were represented heavily by old school buddies such as John Fob’s monstrous SEMA prepped NSX, Hoy’s Formula Red NA1 on beautiful Regamasters, Leon’s widebody supercharged coupe NSX and Mao’s Madonna NSX. The garage of course was filled with tons of JDM goodies but some of my favorites revolved around old school and new school Toyota SUVs. Falken’s display of the FJ was fire!Sometime around 8:30pm, LAPD had cut off all traffic to the parking structure and the ghetto bird that flew over had people scrambling to leave the building. I was not able to document any of the mayhem that went on the lower exit level but you can see all of the craziness from Super Car Suspects page:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xG0PXb3SAp4

It was definitely a wild one but I had a good time.

Thanks for tuning in guys.



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