November 4, 2017, Saturday

Today’s gathering was a beautiful variation of both air and water cooled Porsches sprinkled with a bit of vintage BMW’s, Ferrari’s and other odds and ends. As usual, Period Correct hosts a very low key but highly polished group of owners who are all very enthusiastic about their passion. Mix that with a warm sun and a cool breeze, you know it was gonna be a busy day.

Lately my buddy Jason has been a generous Uber driver for me as my 993 is getting work done. We weren’t rushing to get there so when we arrived it was already packed. We drove straight in and parked in the back as there was no parking available and ended up creating our own spot. Sometimes life is about taking initiative, right? lol

Since I am a one man team, handling video AND photos is a bit challenging so if my photos don’t capture the full energy of the day, please forgive me. I am just a man… but Jason who is learning photography was able to grab some shots for me while I shot some video.

Inside Period Correct’s showroom was an immaculate Ferrari Testarossa looking so pretty with her brilliant Ferrari Red Coat and to add contrast to all that Ketchup, enter Mustard. BTW that for sale sign was not for the long hood but a blue 2015 GT3 out in the parking lot.

People were already starting to leave about 30 mins after we had arrived. So by the time I finished grabbing some content indoors, I came out a bare parking lot. Here are some of the stragglers that stayed behind.

I wanted to mention Jack @lefthandignition who moved to California from Michigan/Indiana and starts working at rStrada on Monday. Jack is a Jack of all Trades literally as he and I spoke about photography, videography, Porsches, design, etc. throughout the morning. I wish you the best starting in a new city and hope that you get settled in quickly. I am sure I will see you at my events.

Til the next one folks!

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