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What a fun but extremely hot weekend it was in Corona, CA where the Coolfuchs gathered for Cars and Coffee Corona at the Saleen Headquarters and Eibach’s first ever Eibachtober. Coolfuchs was in full swing as all of the boys came together on this day to create “Voltron”…. lol

I was picked up by Jason (@j_mendieta) early morning where I hopped in for a ride to our first stop: Corona Cars and Coffee at the Saleen Headquarters where the 71 and 91 freeways meet. The parking lot was filled with cars of all different generations, men of all ages and horsepower of all kinds. A few minutes into it, we were happily greeted by Kraig Storm who hosts all of the meets. He cheerfully told us about his gathering and about an upcoming Porsche Marquee.

After about an hour, we gathered up about 15 911s and a Cayman to head to Eibach’s first Eibachtober meet. We lined up and headed eastbound on the 91 fwy as we mobbed down the freeway as if we owned it… well at least a small segment of it for a very short time lol. Everything from 964s, 993s, 997s, 996s, 991s… Carrera 2’s, 4’s, GT3, RS, Turbos…. it was a good collection.

About 20 mins later, we arrived at Eibach front and center of the parking lot. We were greeted by the sweet smell of German sausages, sauerkraut and the sounds of aircools. Eibach was kind enough to give multiple tours of their facility and the process of making springs and other suspension components. Due to their level of quality, they also white label for many other brands including OE parts such as BMW. That is pretty legit if you ask me.

After the tour, I lined up for one of the sausages and was surprised by how tasty they were. I should of gotten the brand of them but either way, it all turned out so well. Since it was their first meet and it wasn’t largely advertised, it was a smaller gathering but I already know that next year will be much bigger in attraction and attendance.

Special thanks to @j_mendieta for the uber ride and the assistance while I was shooting. You made my day that much easier.

Thank you Eibach for the warm hospitality. You guys are the best!

I made two videos because Eibach requested one specifically for their event which I had no problem making one. So here is both videos for your viewing pleasure.


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