Hello everyone!

Today’s video is a special one…. well when you got buddies who build beautiful rides, its just a phone call away from a photo or video shoot.

Aaron Espino just finished his a month ago and already it is on fire social media as people fall head over heels in love with it for all of the subtle details of the build.

As this is my 3rd video and trying to conceptualize a lifestyle that revolves around him and his newly renovated house, his 964 and his new daughter Eve was gonna be challenge but fun.

So my initial thought was focusing on Aaron as he has had a long day and trying to get out for a 30 min drive to relax the mind and spirit. What I like to call a midnight snack run.

I know I will have to come back again in the future once I get my skill level up to bring a new level of competency to the video game.

I hope you guys enjoyed the video.


Author Drew Manley

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