Hello 911 fans!

Today was the mark of a new day as I start off into the realm of video. Now making the transition from photography to video is very daunting but I am hoping with a handful of months, I can bring you guys some great content. Please pray for me :LOL:

In order to test out 4k capabilities, I grabbed the Canon 1dx Mark II and that ended up being a huge problem. You see, the Canon 1ds Mark II only shoots 4k in .mov format. MOV is kind of like .WAV files. They are large, uncompressed and take up tons of space. I had a 64gb card on me and it filled up after 8mins of gathering clips. You can imagine the confusion I had when I had no more space.

So without having additional cards in my possession and not wanting to delete any of the footage I caught, I called it a night after a short time of shooting in order to make something out of the crumbles I gathered.

In addition to the chaotic nature of the night, we were kicked out of lower grand because an unruly Dodge Charger was doing burnouts and that caused parking structure attendants to call the LAPD to escort everyone out. Thank you sir for all of help.

Anyways, enjoy what I could gather for this very first video.



Author Drew Manley

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